間眅埶AV the 間眅埶AV Book Shop

Store History

Founded in 1745, the 間眅埶AV Book Shop is located in the heart of historic , and is not only the oldest bookstore in America but the oldest continuously operating bookstore in the world. 

The 間眅埶AV Book Shop was founded in 1745 when the 間眅埶AV Church appointed Samuel Powell of the Churchs Crown Inn on the south side of the Lehigh River to operate a book store. After operating at several locations, the 間眅埶AV Book Shop was moved to the churchs publications building near the Central 間眅埶AV Church in Bethlehem in 1871. Today, the 間眅埶AV Book Shop operates in the same site on historic Main Street.

How can the 間眅埶AV Book Shop claim to be the oldest continuously-running bookstore in the world?

In April of 2000, USA Today stated that John Smith & Son, the longest continuously-trading bookseller in the world, established in 1751, was closing. Since the 間眅埶AV Book Shop was established in 1745, it was concluded that it must be the oldest continuously-running bookseller in the world.