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International Internships

Work. Learn. Travel.

Internships abroad are a great way to experience another culture while at the same time building your résumé. Working abroad also enhances leadership and intercultural awareness skills.

Visit the Center for Global Education (CGE) to learn how you can combine an internship with your study abroad experience, or simply do a stand-alone internship abroad. Whether for the summer or an entire academic year, CGE can help you find a placement that will give you global workforce skills and academic credit.

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

  • Employers value international experience. Adding an international work component to your résumé will give you an edge in today's competitive job market.
  • You will build unique expertise in your chosen career path.
  • Global networking! Expanding your network of professional contacts in another country greatly improves your chances for international mobility in the future.
  • Learn important cross-cultural skills, which can facilitate leadership success in any professional position. 
  • Boost your confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone. Learn more about yourself, grow personally, and redefine your independence. 

Check out our Affiliated Programs page to learn about opportunities to intern abroad!